The Jordan Daily News Mysteries

“Captures all the clamor and excitement of the newsroom.”

— Amazon Customer Review, Great News Town

Great News Town

Everyone knows Jordan, Illinois, is a great news town, one of those places that seems to get more than its share of big news stories. But when the murder rate starts growing faster than corn in July, the staff of the Jordan Daily News suspects something is very wrong.

One Shoe Off

City editor Josie Braun finds a shoe that reopens the mystery of Zelda Machinko, a crime-fighting editor who disappeared 30 years before. As the spirit of Zelda reveals her tale, the problems of the past intertwine with the people and places of the present. The gritty gangsters of Zelda’s world in the 1950s collide with the government graft uncovered by the Jordan Daily News in the 1980s.

Full Moon Friday

Cops and journalists often blame the full moon for crazy behavior. But when the full moon coincides with Friday the 13th, city editor Josie Braun and her staff at the Jordan Daily News can barely keep up with the monsoon of madness. A school bus disappears, a body falls out of nowhere and a movie opening becomes scarier than the flick. What’s next?

Jordan, Illinois, has everything from serial murderers to school buses that disappear. The perfect place to be a reporter.

Follow Josie and the staff of The Jordan Daily News as they investigate and ultimately report on a variety of different mysteries in this not-so-sleepy Chicago suburb.


The World of Jordan Daily News

Here is an introduction to some of the key people and places you will find in The Jordan Daily News Mysteries.

The Story Behind The Story

Spoiler alert: Below are links to information about some of the real people and places that inspired The Jordan Daily News Mysteries. May give away some plot surprises.

“As well conceived as the books of Michael Connelly.”

— Amazon Customer Review, Great News Town