The Jordan Daily News Characters

Josie Braun
Petite city editor nicknamed Peter Pan by her staff. Grows from a novice boss in Great News Town to the woman in charge in Full Moon Friday. Divorced mother of precocious Kevin.


Ormand “Duke” Dukakis
Investigative reporter/columnist. Known for his creative cursing, Duke battles an alcohol addiction and marital problems, but he always gets the story.


Becky Judd
Tall, thin and outspoken, Becky is a crusading reporter who has a heart for the people she covers.  She grew up in the Chicago projects and counts on truth to liberate the downtrodden.


Nick Davidson
Athletic, dimpled charmer who is used to getting his way. A reporter in Great News Town, he’s promoted to assistant city editor and keeps the team on track.

Did you know? Like many authors, Sue Merrell has based her chief protagonist, Josie Braun, on herself.

These characters come alive...

 …in the Jordan Daily News Mysteries, by Sue Merrell