Bye, bye Mickey D

August 27, 2018

Thanks McDonald’s. You may have broken my junk food habit. 
      I try to eat healthy when I am at home, but when I am on the road I reward myself with the tasty, high-fat offerings of McDonald’s. I look forward to it.
      Today I was driving home to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor, and even though my friend Kym had sent me off with a fine breakfast of granola and fresh fruit, about an hour into the rainy trip I was searching for golden arches. I spotted a billboard and took the next exit. But just as I was about to pull into the lot I slammed on the brakes. It was closed for remodeling. As I turned around on the street that held no other traffic, I saw two other motorists make the same mistake.
       I was angry. They advertise to get us to pull off the highway. Don’t they have some obligation to mark that billboard “Closed for Remodeling” instead of pulling us off the highway for nothing? My ire was fueled by the fact that I had a similar experience in July as I was making my monthly jaunt from Grand Rapids to O’Fallon, Illinois. The McDonald’s in Joliet where I usually stop was closed for remodeling. I figured the work would be finished when I took my August trip but no, it was still closed.
         I guess I should be glad that the company is trying to keep their locations up-to-date, but I hate to be inconvenienced. That’s why I like fast food in the first place!
        So I was grumbling to myself this morning as I continued my rainy trip. A few exits later I saw another sign for McDonald’s and took the exit. Again I slammed on the brakes. It was closed for resurfacing of the parking lot.
        “That’s it,” I shouted as I pulled into the Subway across the street. I ordered my first ever breakfast sandwich from Subway with options to choose green peppers and pepper jack cheese to spark up my morning ham and egg. The double whammy of closed McDonald’s has sent me in search of a new purveyor of travel treats to merit my business.
          Brand loyalty is influenced by many factors. Over the years I have abandoned several merchants after fairly small slights. For decades I purchased all my clothes at JC Penney. About nine years ago, after a credit card dispute, I vowed never to return and I haven’t. I discovered Younkers instead. The quality of the clothes is better and the “Yellow Dot” sale supremely satisfying. I became a big Younkers fan. Unfortunately my purchases were not enough to save the Younkers store at Rivertown Mall, and I am very sad to see it close. But I have no doubt I will find another store worthy of my money.
          And I will find another reward to nibble on the road. No more McDonald’s for me. A customer’s loyalty should never be taken for granted.