The City Of Jordan, Illinois

The Jordan Daily News Mysteries are set in the 1980s in a fictional Chicago suburb, where the city dissolves into corn fields. This blue-collar town of about 80,000 is a significant element because as the first book explains, journalists would call Jordan a great news town:

“… one of those places that seemed to attract more than its share of big news stories.  Part of that, of course, was due to its proximity to the city. It was big enough to attract criminals and yet small enough for crime still to be news. It was smack in the heart of America, where Midwest sensibilities ruled. But there was something intangible too, some quirk of fate that meant when a plane crashed, one or more of the passengers would be from Jordan; when a hostage was taken in some foreign land, he would be a hometown boy; and when a refinery blew up, the smoke would settle here.”


Did you know? While the city of Jordan is fiction it shares a lot in common with Joliet, Illinois. You can read more about Joliet, Illinois here.

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