The Jordan Daily News

The newsroom is more than just the setting for The Jordan Daily News Mysteries. It’s the heart that keeps the story beating. Its dedicated staff works all hours to find the truth.

Managing editor Hammond Reginald is technically in charge, but he’s a bit out of touch with the daily grind. Ham has never been a reporter. Before taking over The Jordan Daily News, Ham was a copy editor for twenty years at a metro daily ten times its size. He is an excellent speller and can spot a dangling participle without his reading glasses. But Josie and her staff have to work around him sometimes.

The real pillar is the omnipresent William “Hoss” Peyton, an overweight, wise-cracking copy desk chief who seems chained to a chair rolling between three desks. He may break rules about smoking and eating at his desk, but he’s the first one to arrive in the morning, the last to leave at night.


Did you know? The Jordan Daily News is inspired by an actual newspaper called The Herald News based in Joliet Illinois. Read more about the Herald-News here.

Want to visit a newsroom?

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