What do you see?

January 7, 2020
             In Traverse City, Michigan, they say “A view of the bay is half your pay.”
            But it is cold in Michigan so I’ve taken to spending winters in Florida where I can usually manage to find a water view. This year Steve and I have outdone ourselves. Our sixth-floor condo is right on the gulf. From our balcony we can hear the surf, look down at the ribbon of beach stretching as far as we can see.We can even watch dolphins play.
            It’s not just the balcony that has a great view. From the breakfast table I can sigh over sun dancing on the ripples.  I can enjoy a sunset from the living room sofa. I can even see a wide expanse of surf  from my bed when I first open my eyes in the morning. I know. It is almost too perfect.
            But my favorite view is that little kitchen window over the sink. Whether I am fixing dinner or cleaning up afterwards, I can look out and there’s all the glory of the seashore. It makes every routine task extraordinary.
            That little window reminds me that it’s not the work we must do in this life, it’s seeing the world beyond.