Who me? Elderly?

March 18, 2020

The most irritating part of the current virus scare is that I have suddenly been labeled part of the “at risk” population.
           Granted I am a “senior citizen,” a title that bestows a hint of respect for longevity.  But lately the respect has turned into patronizing.
            It’s bad enough that “boomer” has become a derogatory label meaning old-fashioned or unable to grasp today’s high tech world. But now our children are calling to check if we have managed to survive another day without catching a bug that will most surely kill us.Don’t they realize that we fought off measles and mumps and chicken pox for them long before vaccinations were available?
            Radio announcers insist that we stay indoors, away from friends and church and the volunteer work that adds spice to later years. “This is not a joke. This is serious.”
            Okay, we get it. This “novel” virus is a serial killer and the mortality rate doubles if you are over 60. But give us a little credit. We’re the ones who taught you how to wash your hands. We used to sterilize your bottles. We know how to clean the house. Social distancing? We discovered that when our kids became teens and no longer wanted to admit they knew us. Soon we were echoing in three-bedroom empty nests.We KNOW about social distancing.
             We may have a few aches and pains, but many of us lead active lives hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing. Just because my birthday cake has enough candles to set off a smoke alarm doesn’t mean I am a helpless little ol’ lady.